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Water Storage Pillow, Bladders and Collapsible Tanks, Fuel Bladder Tanks …


We are serving:

• Defense • Industry • Environment • Exploration • Energy • Mining •Oil and Gas Drilling & Exploration •Agriculture • Livestock• Utilities • Homeland Security • Relief Organizations


Our variety of potable and non-potable water Pillow, Bladders and Collapsible Tanks are designed to store a wide range of liquids including drinking water, rain water, waste water and even fuel, jet fuel and Chemical.

Made in sizes that range from 100 liters  to 1000 cubic meters, these Pillow, Bladders and Collapsible Tanks have been successfully used in residential, commercial and military operations around the world. 


These reinforced rubber tanks hold fuels   chemicals, dielectric oil, gases, water, effluents and slurries. Capacities from 25 gallons (100 liters) to 100,000 gallons (400,000 liters) are available in both industrial and defense specification. Whether it be the scorching temperatures of the desert or the bone-chill of the arctic,  


Collapsible Tanks and Collapsible Tanks are in use worldwide for disaster relief, homeland security, emergency response, power utilities, remote work camps, exploration and mining facilities, farms, hotels and resorts, hospitals, refineries, chemical plants, water works, harbors, concerts and sporting events, construction sites, spill clean-up locations and many European and foreign defense installations. They are also perfect for storage of temporary municipal water in case of a wide spread emergency.  


We also manufacture Range Extension Pillow, Bladders and Collapsible Tanks for fishing, yachting, and ferrying; and Conservator Pillow, Bladders and Collapsible Tanks for the containment of transformer oil.


 Collapsible Pillow Tank Styles

Drinking Water Collapsible Tanks- Designed with the customer in mind, these collapsible tanks are built with fabrics that meet requirements for safe potable water storage.


Flexible tank for rain water storage

Rain Water Storage Pillow Tanks- Rainwater Harvesting Tanks are an easy way to quickly collect water from downspouts or roof tops. Tanks can be made as standard water storage tanks or drinking water compatible.


Rainwater tank Gray Water Pillow Tanks

Gray Water Tanks are ideal for the storage of any non-potable water type including rain water, waste water, process fluids, irritation water and more.


Military collapsible tanks   We also manufacture larger Truck Tanks which are great for providing water or non hazardous liquids for military or relief operations where tankers aren't always readily available.


Flexi cube Custom Designs - Realizing that each site has different space and storage restrictions; we are able to do both standard and custom tank designs. Custom Designs include cube tanks, special sizes and Large Collapsible Water Tanks.


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